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  3. Yay or Nay to a new weapon in iceborn expansion

User Info: chumpykalamoona

2 months ago#31
I want gauntlets so I can punch monsters in the face.
Also it would be another impact/stun focused weapon.
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User Info: LonelyGaruga

2 months ago#32
Play Frontier for Tonfa.

User Info: DarknessOp3191

2 months ago#33
LonelyGaruga posted...
Play Frontier for Tonfa.
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User Info: silverbullet474

2 months ago#34
So many gauntlet suggestions in every MH weapon wishlists...like, I get that they'd be super mega cool and all, but they'd also be the dumbest thing to take into fights against pretty much any enemy in MH.

If hunters could reliably punch things to death by just throwing some metal on their hands, why would they bother with weapons at all? Shoot, if they actually could it'd still be smarter to use weapons--if I were strong enough to punch a dinosaur to death, just think of how much more damage I could do swinging an oversized sword or club instead.

We want a quick impact weapon, it's gotta be smarter than metal gloves. A solidly built staff, a 1 handed mace or flail, some mechanical contraption like the pneumatic spikes in Frontier's Tonfas...something.
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User Info: Ghannos

2 months ago#35
Ooooo a flail, now that I can work with.

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

2 months ago#36
I'd say yay. I'd love to see a new weapon.

But I also don't see it happening. But it never hurts to believe.
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User Info: DaDrkKnight

2 months ago#37
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User Info: AtomicArtumas

2 months ago#38
"I'd like one, but I don't see one happening at all."
If we do get one, 90% chance it'll just be prowlers, 10% chance we'll finally see tonfas in something not named MHF. I don't see them actually adding a REAL new weapon in world. Maybe in a World 2 or w/e, but yeah, there's still way too much missing for me to actually see them doing a new weapon instead of adding another dozen monsters and an extra map.
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User Info: Vanguard666

2 months ago#39
Nay for me, personally I’m currently content with all the weapon types we got...

Some new moves/combos, those I wouldn’t mind at all

User Info: TechGuy

2 months ago#40
DaDrkKnight posted...

Not mainline, so doesn't count. If it did, prowlers would be in World.
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  3. Yay or Nay to a new weapon in iceborn expansion
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