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  3. Yay or Nay to a new weapon in iceborn expansion

User Info: ranguro

2 months ago#1
if Yay, what would you want? If Nay, why not?

I am on the Yay side. I would like to see another living weapon. Something that would require monster material to evolve. like maybe a small wyvern that acts like eevee. changes based on the materials its nest is made out of. so for example, if its nest is kut ku parts, it gains a beak and fireball attack. if its an urgaan it does heavy charge attacks and has a land mine like breath attack.

I would also not mind a pistol weapon. or arm cannons

User Info: orBhsiF

2 months ago#2
I would prefer if they focused of stuff the base game direly missed.
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User Info: moseph187

2 months ago#3
I think I’d like some kind of whip, I really liked the threaded cane in bloodborne and would love to fight teo with one.

It could also be used to pull your hunter closer to a monster or move away, have a mounting move and maybe also work on wedge beetles.
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User Info: TechGuy

2 months ago#4
Yay. If they could come up with a unique weapon that's balanced and is fun to use, then I'm all for it.
All the weapons in Monster Hunter are so unique, it feels like a brand new game when you change your main.
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User Info: Rhiethreal

2 months ago#5
Magnet Hammer and Tonfas, please.

User Info: nuke2099

2 months ago#6
Unless they break the mold new weapons appear at the start of a Generation. We are passed that point.
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User Info: DukeLukewarm

2 months ago#7
No. God no. Anything but that.

User Info: FluffyHeretic

2 months ago#8
Yay for sure. It's been a hot minute since we got a new weapon type and I'm really curious about what it could be. They've showed some concept art in the past of some pretty cool ideas.

User Info: Ghannos

2 months ago#9
Great Hammer!

User Info: ToborTheRobot

2 months ago#10
I just want the prowler back
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  3. Yay or Nay to a new weapon in iceborn expansion
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