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User Info: Level_99_E-Girl

2 months ago#1
What would I be looking at in terms of a solid Greatsword build?

User Info: prsboys

2 months ago#2
Your best bet fot a Greatsword would be the Jagras Hacker 3.
For the armor you want to get weakness exploit to increase affinity while hitting a weak spot (head). You also want Elementless to boost raw.
Try and get other skills to boost affinity to as close to 100 % as possible. Weakness exploit maxed gives 50% affinity.
If you have the max affinity you can reach boosting attack is goodm
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User Info: Exo_Icarus

2 months ago#3
Anguish crit draw set.
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User Info: Somedude9

2 months ago#4
I would use the Deviljho greatsword(Anguish), I would augment it for affinity and health regen, and you can just use a metahemoth(4 piece drachen armor, for masters touch, and an armor piece of your choice, such as Nergigante helm b) set, slot in 3 tenderizer so you can weakness exploit lvl 3. Try to get to attack lvl 4 so you can get an extra 5% affinity and then just slot in whatever you can to get to 50% static affinity. Go with the handicraft charm III so you can get into white sharpness.

User Info: TrueArchery

2 months ago#5

Probably not 100% optimal. It depends on your decorations anyway, if you don't have tenderizer and charger decos this obviously doesn't work. But I highly doubt that the Jagras Hacker will ever outdamage that anyway. But yeah those are the things that you wanna look out for: highest possible effective raw, focus and finally sharpness maintenance so that you don't drop to a lower level as that decreases your damage by a lot.

Focus often determines whether your TCS hits or misses, even if it doesn't seem like it makes a huge difference. So you want that at 2 or 3.

User Info: Sirk

2 months ago#6
You can get a basically-meta GS set with Dragonking Head and 4 pieces of Drachen. You don't need the whole Handicraft 3 from a Handicraft Charm III, but that may still be the most efficient way to get it. You probably will not get to 100% affinity, though, just because Anguish starts low and you already have to get it white sharpness with Handicraft.

Anguish is your best option, though, yes. The event quest that gives Wyvern Igntion will be available in a couple of weeks, too.
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User Info: Level_99_E-Girl

2 months ago#7
Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it!
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