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User Info: The_Pup

2 months ago#91
roxlimn posted...
Who's whining? Some players may have a similar problem. They may be interested in a solution that isn't just a variation of the useless "git gud." If it helps them, who are you to complain?

There already were instructions in the thread on how to make the fight easier, even visually.

Beyond the advice that anyone can utilize previously discussed... We're not your doctor. We can't fix you. We are not your parents. We don't know you. Most importantly we are not you. We're just randoms on the internet. You're on your own. So git gud.

User Info: kairu_aname

2 months ago#92
For those interested I have some info on how to fight tempered kirin. For future use. If they come here.

First. Stop fighting tempered kirin altogether for now. Don't waste the investigations if you can help it.

Note, "for now".

Second go fight regular kirin because there's no difference in move set for the two.

What you're going to be doing isn't actually fighting kirin. You're just going in to watch kirin move during his attacks.

Each movement is a tell for an attack. Big movements for longer range attacks and smaller movements for closer range attacks.
A great weapon for the job of learning is a greatsword.
Specifically a crit draw greatsword.

Use Hit and run tactics until you learn his patterns better, then improvise.
Hit, roll, sheathe in that order to stop moving as little as possible.

You'll get hit. Accept it. You're not perfect, you can't fight kirin head on. You'll lose every time.

It's a lot of practice to fighting him, but I did my "detective work" and carried people through the fight after my first few endeavors.

You can too, It's just a matter of putting in the time to just run around the monster attacking you to learn what he does close-up and long-range.

During this time, do not try to win. You'll get frustrated.
Try to learn. If you manage to win, gg, do it again until consistent but do NOT try to win during the learning process.

I realize that this boils down to "just practice" but I'm trying to give a different way to practice. A learning method rather than just trying to fight the monster.

I hope it helps you new guys!(if you're not new, then I hope it helps you too)
I try my best
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