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User Info: GoIrish80

2 months ago#1
So I by no means profess to be some kind of great MH player or anything but I have managed to get through the toughest things currently available on the PC version (AT Kirin, Thronetaker) but I feel like I'm not doing all that great a job of combining armor sets, decorations, things like that.

I use a hammer (Obliteration's Footfall with the Health Regen augment) and what I tend to do for every fight is focus my armor/decorations/mantles on the applicable resistance.....and that's pretty much as far as I go. So for example on AT Kirin I had mostly KT armor (for the thunder res,) multiple Thunder Res decos along with a couple Vitality, Thunderproof Mantle, Rocksteady Mantle, and then I eat a meal which gives me L Resistance. And I wear the Attack +3 charm.

And I mean obviously this strategy works for me because to this point I can't really say I've had all that big of an issue with any of the hunts. AT Kirin took me I think 3 times to beat, and I got him limping every time at least. But really what I'm looking for is to get just get a bit of general advice on maybe things I should consider more when it comes to putting together some builds for the other tough end game hunts. I feel like I pretty much neglect the armor skills, and whenever I look at all the options I guess I have a hard time coming to the conclusion that the combinations are significantly different/better than what I'm doing. Should I focus some attention on health regeneration/recovery since I have the augment? Is there a # for Resistance that I should not worry about going above? Anything else that I should be paying attention to?


User Info: Sirk

2 months ago#2
It's all really dependent on how comfortable you are with where you are. The better you get, the more you can focus on purely offensive skills for faster hunts. Or experiment with new things.

You don't need to eat for Thunder Resistance if you're using Thunderproof Mantle, and you probably don't even need Thunder Res decos, either. If PC players haven't got the Temporal Mantle yet, I guess Evasion would be the next best thing. AT Kirin is one of the more "telegraphy" monsters there is out there.

You won't really be able to put together an ideal build if you aren't that far into the endgame, because it's hard to get a lot of the best decorations. Just slap a few useful ones on. Don't worry about not having enough Attack Jewels.

I can help a little further if you get more specific.
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#3
If you like what most of us refer to as the "quality of life" skills... which are skills that basically provide some extra defense (hp boost) or remove an annoyance (earplugs), you should go with the luna/styx hammer.

Here's an example of styx with all the attack skills and earplugs.


If you want to just go all out attack, the diablos shattered II with a non elemental boost jewel is the standard.

If you happen to be lucky enough to pull the taroth sleep hammer from kulve, that's kind of the perfect middle ground between the 2.

The only problem diablos shatterer is it has both a bunch of negative affinity and needs 5 levels of handicraft (technically 4, but trust me you'll want 5)... this leaves the builds kind of strapped for space on skills. and pretty much require you to use the affinity booster to really go all out. You can forget about any QoL skills with this hammer.
Imo this is the absolute go to hammer for most quests if you're looking for speed but the builds kind of fall apart on longer quests like behemoth, kulve, and even AT monsters. Too much maintenance with sharpening.

4pc drachen armor is the standard for pretty much all melee weapons now, exception being db's. Attack, weakness exploit, max might, crit eye, crit boost, peak performance in some cases.

The health augment is great and really doesn't need any additional support with the hammer. Recovery up is the only skill that will buff your health augment if you want to try it though.

I've dabbled with the hammer a bit but I'm by no means an expert with it. It is really fun to play... If you can fight a monster on a slope, it's really fun the slide into spin attack and does a ton of damage.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#4
I just remembered you don't have behemoth, luna, or kulve yet so i guess just keep that in mind when it comes for those monsters to drop.

You could prob YouTube some older vids on the best hammer builds... shattered II has been the king of hammer dps since day 1 though.

User Info: Rhiethreal

2 months ago#5
In general these are the basics:

Attack Boost 4
Weakness Exploit 3
Crit Boost 3

From there, just tack on as many damage boosting skills as possible. If you need 1 or 2 utility skills, go ahead and squeeze them, but your primary focus should always be more damage.

A health augment, fully augmented armor, mantles, and chaining knockdowns is all you really need for defense in this game. Only AT-Monsters and T-Jho are possible exceptions.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#6
So I found a few old YouTube builds, here's one...


These guys go with attack/affinity augments... I would recommend using health/affinity as that's just a lot more practical especially for a player not looking to speed run everything.

User Info: GoIrish80

2 months ago#7
Thanks for the suggestions, I will dabble and see what I come up with.

User Info: GoIrish80

2 months ago#8
Rhiethreal posted...
In general these are the basics:

Attack Boost 4

I meant to ask about this. So when it comes to attack generally what I've been doing is ensuring I have Attack Boost all the way up to 7 in that section where you look at your current bonuses. My questions are:

- Since you mention 4 here, I assume that means the belief is that having it all the way up to 7 isn't really a necessity? Other things are more important beyond 4?
- Can your Attack Boost go above 7 even though that's as far as the set bonus screen shows? So say I have the Attack Jewel, Attack Charm 3, and armor pieces that give me a total of 4. So is my Attack Boost actually 8, or does it just cap at 7? And do the skills you get from eating work in the same way?

User Info: jagger_wanderer

2 months ago#9
Attack 4 so you get the +affinity. Higher is better just not below. There's a few set builder programs floating around so try them out if you can't find someone's speedrun build to your liking. AT kirin is still here so use him for testing. Build a new set of skills together then fight him. Are you dying too fast? More defensive skills needed. Damage number too low for your liking? Add some offensive skills. Find that middle ground where you can survive and kill it fast. Once a new arch tempered elder dragon comes out, repeat the process. And then switch weapon.
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User Info: MeowMixMax

2 months ago#10
Nerg weapons in general are really really bad, switch to the Luna/Xeno Hammer as soon as possible.
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