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  3. Have you tried using a different weapon yet?

User Info: Lyalius

2 months ago#1
I'm curious how many people attempted to use a new weapon after using their original one for so long.

I'm tempted to try a new one just to see how bad I am now that I actually know how to play the game but idk.

Though I suppose I should probably try anyway because of the Arena not having many fights where Insect Glaive is useable...

User Info: TrueArchery

2 months ago#2
Yeah. Multiple times actually.

User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

2 months ago#3
Changing weapons is one of the best ways to keep the game fresh IMO.
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User Info: paulodybi

2 months ago#4
Started the game with DB until 700+ hunts then switched to LS until 1.8k+ hunts. When EX Behemoth dropped I learnt to tank with HBG. I use other weapon too SnS, Hammer, Lance but all below 100 hunts and now having fun with CB.
I struggle with IG, GS, Bow, HH and SA. LBG and GL never use it

User Info: BreakevenCloud

2 months ago#5
I keep changing with every hunt...I can’t find my one true calling.

I’m definitely best with and wreck s*** with the hammer, but I hate the hammer, aesthetically. I can’t find another weapon I’m as good with though :(
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User Info: BaziIIions

2 months ago#6
I use all but DB and IG. Main bow though.
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User Info: ReiderAsmadi

2 months ago#7
I main CB but I learned LS, IG and a bit of SA so far. Have a spread HBG I keep around for tempered kirin.

Kinda want to throw GS into the mix as well at some point.
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User Info: Somedude9

2 months ago#8
I mained CB for 700+ quest, then learned LS, GS, Bow, DB, HBG, LBG. But I primarily use the first 4. I only use DBs for lulz and HBG when I want to cheese and LBG for Kulve.

User Info: Semeki

2 months ago#9
I went from Bow to Greatsword. They're completely opposite but both cover me in any situation.

Hammer is my 3rd favorite weapon. But I dont use it on my main and its strictly for my Alt that uses Insect Glaive as well.

Light and Heavy Bowguns are easy to use, mostly in arenas I use them but I dont find them entirely fun.

Dual Blades, Longsword, Hunting Horn, Sword and Shield, Switch Axe are at the bottom of the barrel. I'm not at all interested in.

Lance and Gunlance I find challenging maneuvering and that's consider Greatsword is a slow weapon as well, Lances make me impatient. Charge Blade is also another I would like to learn and get better with.
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User Info: ilikefords

2 months ago#10
Been maining the Hammer.

Have dabbled a little bit with the SnS and Lance.

Going to try more Lance I think. I also might give bow a try too.
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  3. Have you tried using a different weapon yet?
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