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User Info: -Wakka-

2 months ago#1
Hi all, Lunastra is coming to PC version in few days i have some questions for you veterans out there, please help me out, thx.

1. What is the event title of Lunastra when she comes?

2. Does Lunastra have projectile blocking aura like Teostra?

3. What level of windproof is needed to prevent the pressure knockback? Some people say u need level 5 but some say just level 2 is enough.

Please enlighten, thank you.

User Info: BaziIIions

2 months ago#2
Can't recall

She does have projectile blocking flames, but they're not on her body, she spreads it across the map.

Don't know.
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User Info: zxxcman

2 months ago#3
Lunastra doesn't come as an event quest. It comes as a Special Assignment quest series. You need to talk to some dudes with blue exclamation marks (I think the huntsman). You get three quests, the first is a Large Crown Teostra in the waste, which is pretty standard, I don't remember it's name. The second is Pandora's Arena, where you have to repel a Lunastra. The third and last is called "No Remorse, No Surrender". You have to fight a Lunastra and a Teostra. The Lunasta has the roughly 1.5 the normal HP, and the attack of a tempered Lunastra, making her the hardest version till you get AT Lunastra.

All three quests are "Special Assignments", like Jho's quest.

There's an event quest called "Thronetaker" which has a tempered Nergigante, a tempered Lunastra, and a tempered Teostra, but that's really pretty standard (their HP is pretty low).
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User Info: prsboys

2 months ago#4
Also be careful of her super Nova. Has far more range than Teostra's. She is also weakest to ice element.
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User Info: -Wakka-

2 months ago#5
Thanks guys, still need wind proof level confirmation though.

User Info: Mhm88

2 months ago#6
Not sure what level of windproof is required but I've heard people having success with the 3-piece Daora armor against Lunstra.

I'm almost sure though that her wind pressure isn't light wind pressure, it's on the heavier side because it staggers quite a bit.

User Info: Unbound-King

2 months ago#7
3 piece Kush, maybe the Clearmind Charm, Luna's basically helpless, then.
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User Info: HeliosMagi

2 months ago#8
After clearing "No Remorse, No Surrender" do you unlock a quest to fight Lunastra by herself?
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User Info: TrueArchery

2 months ago#9
HeliosMagi posted...
After clearing "No Remorse, No Surrender" do you unlock a quest to fight Lunastra by herself?

Yeah, you unlock an optional. And she can appear as an investigation.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#10
3pc kush armor is all you need to prevent getting stunned by her nova.

Catching fire is not really an issue with her like it is teo. She has blue flames that damage you pretty good if you stand in them, but they don't give you the fire blight.

Luna has huge hit boxes, so i think the best defensive skills are evade extender and evade window... And you get both of those skills with kush armor, which you'll want to use anyways... Works out pretty well.
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