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  3. What are the top three most safe weapons to use in Monster Hunter World?

User Info: TheNextAvatar4

3 months ago#1
By "safe", I mean weapons that are reliable defensively as well as offensively, not leaving many openings (or any at all) after you attack, and generally keep you alive best due to mechanics that allow evasive or defensive maneuvers. These weapons should be suitable for any player who is new to the game, but also appeals to players who like to avoid carting.

I'll list my top three safest weapons and explain why after a few days. For now, have at it, folks.
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User Info: NJolly

3 months ago#2
I'd probably say Lance, HBG (with shield), and Greatsword. Lance is obvious, the HBG's shield is amazing, and GS is just so mobile with a reliable guard.
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User Info: shyahone

3 months ago#3
Lance, gunlance, board sword. GS takes more skill, where as the lance types and sns can guard and poke.

User Info: MadDewg

3 months ago#4
Very few things in the game is going to kill you with the lance. Slap guard 5 and guard up for certain monsters and you are pretty much the juggernaut. Gunlance is pretty much the same thing, sword and shield for the same defense and healing yourself with your weapon out.
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User Info: DS_Aneila

3 months ago#5
Longsword, DB and Bow.
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User Info: pinipigbomb

3 months ago#6
Longsword and both lances imo.
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User Info: TrueArchery

3 months ago#7
Lance, Gunlance, Longsword.

You might wonder "what, LS doesn't even have a shield?!" and yes, you're right. But foresight slash has a stupid window and the evasion mantle does the rest for rolls (and it also affects the foresight slash but it's timing isn't as generous).

Shield-HBG and CB are honorable mentions. SnS guard sucks and it's harder to use effectively. GS guard sucks too and it nothing but an emergency button and each hit leaves you pretty open, timing tackles is actually not that trivial.

User Info: Madmartagon

3 months ago#8
Have to go with HBG with 3 shield mod lance is tech the best but you also got to play tag since it's melee

If i am using one of these 2 -and i do - i don't even bother to dodge things like nergs dive

User Info: SpinKirby

3 months ago#9
Hunting Horn.

Just stand at the edge area and play music without catching aggro.

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User Info: Brownstone

3 months ago#10
SnS (fast, small endlags and shield) and Longsword (FS is too good).
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  3. What are the top three most safe weapons to use in Monster Hunter World?
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