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User Info: Evilnick

4 months ago#1
Does anyone else feel like these were a copout and where old games would make them variants who actually look and move different they said, "hey add HP and damage output and now we have a new monster.... we dont even need to make a new armor set!"

instead of getting something cool and new like a variant water/Ice Anjanath or Fire Kidachi, we just get the same but stronger elders?

User Info: xo0Achilles0ox

4 months ago#2
Doubt anyone will argue that.
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User Info: _TSC_

4 months ago#3
xo0Achilles0ox posted...
Doubt anyone will argue that.


User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 months ago#4
Most have been kind of a disappointment.

Kirin just has more health, Teo seems to just have a longer range on his flamethrower and of course more health, Luna is almost the same except more health and Nova damage.

Vaal is the only one that feels like it's taken to the next level because of the tic damage and the breath change.
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User Info: Unbound-King

4 months ago#5
MH Team's super selective about their changes.

People complain about Slicing Ammo and Flashpods, balance changes that don't change much for most of the people already using the other broken tech that've recieved no changes at all, then Slicing Ammo gets nerfed and Flashpods are rendered almost useless on most AT Hunts.

People complain about lack of monster diversity on top of a number of QoL changes, both of which would improve the overall experience and we get nothing but silence and some more ATs.

Well, competence isn't something to be expected in this day and age.
Nor is Capcom under any obligation to show any.
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User Info: BurningFlareX

4 months ago#6
It's just good old artificial difficulty.

Don't know how to make an enemy more difficult? Slap more HP & damage on them, because making an enemy that can already one-shot you do even MORE damage is fun! And then nerf player tools like Flash Pods. But of course, it's totally out of the question to fix broken mechanics like Tremors or make Teo's roar not give him like 3 seconds of free time to one-shot you.

I honestly hate that all the layered armor is also locked behind AT monsters. I just wanna have my fancy visuals, but apparently you have to go through hell just to get cosmetic versions of armor that is already in the game.

User Info: Griffted

4 months ago#7
They are trash.
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User Info: Terenigma

4 months ago#8
I agree. They are 7-run monsters for something in game and then never again.

I wish they would make every monster in the game tempered and make y'know NEW monsters.
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User Info: appa1314

4 months ago#9
A new rng/relic system should be add alongside AT to the end game grind. Right now there is no reason to hunt them after a certain amount of hunts, real bummer. Also remove the rotation bulls*** and bump the HR req to at least 100.

User Info: MegalaserLAWS

4 months ago#10
The rotation is bulls***. I didn't mind the fights at all but are they enough to tide me over and call interesting? No. We should have been getting a new at weekly. It's not enough content to keep things fresh and now we're gonna get the most useless at monster yet in zorah who also has the least useful and relevant armour yet. If they had been sprinkling new variants while everything else was coming out things would probably be fine right now.
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