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  3. What are your picks for the best Handler's outfit?

User Info: msbsense

5 months ago#1
Handler's Outfits - Results (137 votes)
Guildmarm Costume
10.22% (14 votes)
Astera 3 Star Chef Coat
2.92% (4 votes)
Busy Bee Dress
4.38% (6 votes)
Chun-Li Costume
6.57% (9 votes)
Sunshine Pareo
48.18% (66 votes)
Mischievous Dress
27.74% (38 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just got MHW and I know I haven't actually played to know for myself personally which would be the best nevertheless I was curious to know what was your choice/s for the costume or rather which you preferred and were your favourite?

User Info: xo0Achilles0ox

5 months ago#2
Glorious Sunshine!

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User Info: Shadow_Ninja8

5 months ago#3
I like the Mischievous Dress, Busy Bee and Sunshine Pareo.

inb4 Handler hate circle jerk

User Info: DS_Aneila

5 months ago#4
Summer outfit. Her body is fine af and that navel hot dayum. Also thick brown messy hair. s*** brb 2 mins.
I trusted Square, and this betrayal combined with my Aspergers is just making me lose all hope. - Kunai_Climb

User Info: gene0129

5 months ago#5
Big Tiddy Goth

User Info: MadDewg

5 months ago#6
Sunshine, with the goth one slightly behind that one.
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User Info: Half-Youkai

5 months ago#7
shunshine pareo on 1st and goth for 2nd
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User Info: Aggerator

5 months ago#8
None of them fix her face
No exaggeration.

User Info: Axeof_WoeK

5 months ago#9
Aggerator posted...
None of them fix her face

This. Though I did buy guildmarm on pc after mods came out tone down how terrible her face is. Never bought any on ps4.

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

5 months ago#10
Sunshine Pareo easily.
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