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User Info: MadDewg

11 months ago#41
best_carter_mhw posted...
I have critical draw and pierce but no minds eye what is this sorcery?

I had gotten every single decoration in the game, including multiples of the rarest ones like handicraft (I've gotten 4 before I realized it was among the rarest in the game), tons of pierce, forceshots, spreads, 4 attack decorations, etc. etc. before I got a single guard up. I also only ever found 1 ironwall decoration.

Yeah, that was pretty wild.
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User Info: Antari18

11 months ago#42
LonelyGaruga posted...
It should only take you about 430 Warped Feystones for that Handicraft decoration!

But yeah I got loads of charms with an equivalent rarity to Sharpness+5 OOO in just 50 hours of charm grinding in MHGen, and I didn't even have any skills like Good Luck or Charm Chaser. And charm farming is even better in GU with that one event quest. Get 20-40 Enduring Charms per run.

Exactly. I never understand why people complained so much about the old system, which was much better than deco grind in World.

Like you said in GenU there's Brachydios Hame event which gives so mych enduring and exp that grind is not a problem at all. There's also sakura farming with coals but after 1000 hours in GenU I stopped doing it because I had all charms I needed.

Getting Sharpness+5 OOO us very common. Worst case scenario you won't get that one extra AuS on your set or CE+1.

While in World if you don't get certain deco, you won't be able to get whole skill. Like Mind's Eye/Balistics which I don't have after 1100 hours in. And I can't make Pierce HBG/Dragonpiercer set although I have weapon and whole armor READY TO GO.

This system is trash. Much worse than god charm farm in previous games.
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User Info: Kushinadahime

11 months ago#43
Why are you reading this?

User Info: KCGemini

11 months ago#44
Welp, this explains why it's taking forever to get my third Ironwall Jewel.
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User Info: gwwak

11 months ago#45
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: Luminaire

11 months ago#46
I can't open the document but I'm on my phone.

Can some one tell me which stone I should meld if I just want attack decorations? I know they're not great but I want a pure offense build for weak monster farming.
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User Info: zxxcman

11 months ago#47
Luminaire posted...
I can't open the document but I'm on my phone.

Can some one tell me which stone I should meld if I just want attack decorations? I know they're not great but I want a pure offense build for weak monster farming.

For melding you got two options that could theoretically drop Attack jewels.

Glowing feystones have 0.02% chance of being attack jewels.
Worn feystones have 0.1% chance of being attack jewels.

Warped feystones, which you CANNOT meld, have 0.3% chance of being attack jewels.

If you want to meld, Worn are your best bet, especially since glowing don’t drop rarity 8 jewels.
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User Info: C-Raine

11 months ago#48
If you care about decorations, there is no excuse not to snipe the melder. Just look at this sample of my recent and near future melds:
1. Dragon . Gobbler . Blastcoat⭐
2. Venom . Smoke . Stream
m. Bolt . Venom . Fire Res
M. Ironwall⭐ . Brace . Wind Res
3. Meowster . Bolt . Vitality
3. Venom . Sleepcoat . Drain
4. Bolt . Footing . Dragon Res
5. Stonethrower . Slider . Critical🌟
6. Frost . Steadfast . Elementless
6. Antipara . Vitality . Potential⭐
7. Enduring . Stream . Gobbler
8. Earplug . Stream . Footing
9. Drain . Venom . Critical🌟
9. Enduring . Steadfast . Friendship
10. Gobbler . Def Lock . Pep
11. Bolt . Stonethrower . Sleepcoat
12. Resistor . Resistor . Antidote
12. Botany . Elementless . Elementless
13. Wind Res . Earplug . Blaze
14. KO . Frost . Sonorous
15. Steadfast . Dragon . Sonorous
15. KO . Dragon . Crisis
16. Throttle⭐ . Defense . Ice Res
17. Defense . Evasion . Medicine
18. Bomber . Grinder . Stream
18. Blastcoat⭐ . Drain . Sonorous
19. Venom . Stonethrower . Footing
20. Wind Res . Antidote . Stonethrower
21. Footing . Vitality . Antiblast
21. Gobbler . Dragon . Pep
22. Bomber . Frost . Specimen
M. Mighty Bow🌟 . Venom . Poisoncoat
23. Enduring . Elementless . Gobbler
24. Venom . Potential⭐ . Venom
24. Dragon . Wind Res . Drain
25. Resistor . Poisoncoat . Venom
26. Resistor . Destroyer . Footing
27. Dragon . Def Lock . Vitality
27. Steadfast . Wind Res . Bomber
Elementless . Defense . Vitality
KO . Gobbler . Bolt
Sleepcoat⭐ . Bolt . Steadfast
Expert . Pep . Bolt
Venom . Gobbler . Vitality
Ironwall⭐ . Scent . Slider
Wind Res . Friendship . Footing
Blastcoat⭐ . Water Res . Shield⭐
Footing . Earplug . Elementless
Release🌟 . Flight . Frost
Resistor . Earplug . Poisoncoat
Venom . Blaze . Footing
Slider . Poisoncoat . Venom
Stream . Water Res . Bomber
Wind Res . Poisoncoat . Bomber
Meowster . Antidote . Elementless
Brace . Antipara . Medicine
Bolt . Brace . Pep
Venom . Drain . Sleep⭐
Slider . Blaze . Brace
Expert . KO . Friendship
Footing . Bolt . Vitality
Tenderizer . Vitality . Tip Toe
Recovery . Gobbler . Brace
Bomber . Drain . Botany
KO . Friendship . Medicine
Blaze . Blastcoat⭐ . Slider
Dragon . Antipara . Sheath
Friendship . Sleep⭐ . Stream
Wind Res . Sprinter🌟 . Evasion
Dragon . Footing . Elementless
Antiblast . Drain . Gobbler
Dragon . Blaze . Heavy Art
Sheath . KO . Def Lock
Resistor . Enduring . Earplug
Fortitude . Crisis . Elementless
Blaze . Vitality . Steadfast
Bolt . KO . Stream
Vitality . Steadfast . Enduring
KO . Grinder . Blast⭐
Earplug . Stonethrower . Enduring
Destroyer . Wind Res . Resistor
Bomber . Earplug . Paracoat⭐
Sheath . Fortitude . Enduring
Bolt . Medicine . Footing
Venom . Flawless⭐ . Evasion
Vitality . Dragon . Sleep⭐
Sonorous . Earplug . Vitality
Elementless . Botany . Critical🌟
Brace . Elementless . Antiblast
Sharp⭐ . Dragon . Destroyer
Recovery . Vitality . Bomber
Vitality . Water Res . Steadfast
Venom . Gobbler . Wind Res
Wind Res . Grinder . Resistor
Venom . Suture . Earplug
KO . Slider . Footing
Blaze . Flawless⭐ . Fortitude
Pep . Earplug . Blaze
Mighty⭐ . Sonorous . Steadfast
Grinder . Blaze . Gobbler
Elementless . Medicine . Vitality
Blastcoat⭐ . Venom . Poisoncoat
Earplug . Stream . Suture
Resistor . Slider . Gobbler
Wind Res . Steadfast . Vitality
Footing . Miasma . Potential⭐
Frost . Satiated . Heavy Art

User Info: Drexlerfan22

11 months ago#49
I definitely decoration snipe, but even then you're not guaranteed to get what you want.

I keep a tally by my PS4 of battles so I know when to do another snipe check. These days I've graduated to doing 160 rituals in a row, then doing 120 hunts to reach new jewels, and then doing it all over again. According to my tally I've done 970 rituals for a total of 2,910 worn feystones (this isn't counting early days when I wasn't keeping track). And you know what? I've still never gotten a handicraft jewel from a ritual (I did pick up one from a tempered Vaal hunt around hour 485). Not once. Even though the odds say I should've gotten a couple through rituals by now.

In short, you can snipe all you want, but the Desire Sensor is still very much a thing. I'd love to get just one more handicraft jewel, but the game simply refuses to give it to me.

User Info: C-Raine

11 months ago#50
Harsh, the only thing desire sensor trolled me on was the Augmentation stone for my main weapon. I had 6 rank 8s for a few of the other weapons before getting 1 for mine, and you can definitely feel that lifesteal making hunts so much more smooth.
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