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  3. Why dont hunters cut the tail after the monster is dead?

User Info: Terenigma

7 months ago#1
Pretty big oversight in my opinion.
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User Info: KCGemini

7 months ago#2
*Carves 3 tails off dead monster.

Mutant confirmed!
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User Info: Thundar

7 months ago#3
*Gets tails in rewards without even cutting said tail*
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User Info: XioDrago

7 months ago#4
Because that would be sensible. That doesn't exist in Japanese games.

User Info: itperson

7 months ago#5
Guild Contract

User Info: LordDragonMaste

7 months ago#6
Has to be fresh.
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User Info: Sirk

7 months ago#7
Rigor Mortis sets in fast.
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User Info: the_requiem

7 months ago#8
You've never got a tail from carving a dead monster?
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User Info: orBhsiF

7 months ago#9
Probably forget. Especially if it's cut early.
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User Info: SlajifrasH045

7 months ago#10
Cut the tail after the monster is dead???

What are you, stupid??

That's unpossible
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  3. Why dont hunters cut the tail after the monster is dead?
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