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User Info: DesperateMonkey

8 months ago#1
I’ve soloed her with GS, Lance, GL and Glutton now. Gotta say this fight is quite different. The easiest was in fact GL long4 shelling.

Build is just

Taroth bomber - health/health/health
Artilery 3
Capacity boost
Guard 5
Guard up

Never even came close to carting with all that defense except from that ticking flame.

This fight is impossible for me using a switch axe. I triple cart every time...

GS isn’t so bad but weakness exploit is useless and I now use the following build.

Wyvern Ignition: health/affinity
Attack 7
Handicraft 2
Crit boost 3
Crit eye 6

For lance, it really sucks that master’s touch doesn’t work anymore and you really do need guard 3 in this fight as she’s fast and that delay even on powerguard dramatically changes the fight. On the other hand, I find guard up now useless in this.

Best build:

Taroth Claw - health/affinity
Attack 4
Crit eye 4
Handi 2
Guard 3
Protective polish

It’s quite annoying that lunastra needs all these custom builds.

My biggest issue though is with HBG. Get carted twice a lot. This guy is fast and turns fast. I find the fire rate and reload of the Glutton to be quite atrocious in this situation. I’m thinking if there is a safe HBG option.

Is slicing still good? Pierce sucks against Teo. Perhaps I should use that Taroth spread LBG instead.

Please share some Luna specific builds and which weapons have the easiest times.
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User Info: number317

8 months ago#2
Insect Glaive

All of her weak spots are on the upper part of her body (horns, wings, tail) so I used aerial attacks. I barely get hit. I only have to watch out for the supernova.

I use a utility build with Earplugs 5 and 20+ Fire Resist to still be immune to Fireblight when my Fire Mantle is on CD
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User Info: Vesperas

8 months ago#3
Long sword can "accidently" hit her wings well after her breath and leap pound.
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User Info: _TSC_

8 months ago#4
GS is complete trash against her.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

8 months ago#5
It took about 8 minutes with GS but I’ve only used it once. Doesn’t seem that bad, I had more trouble with lance. Was on the defensive way too much. GS is sheathed a lot and gives me mobility.
i5 6600k 4.3Ghz|GTX 1080|3x 240GB SSD|24GB DDR4 3200|Gigabyte z170 Gaming 5|

User Info: Fexus65

8 months ago#6
Huh, I actually have very little trouble using SA against her. What attacks typically cart you?
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User Info: NJolly

8 months ago#7
_TSC_ posted...
GS is complete trash against her.

Yeah, I thought GS would be nice in this fight (I use it against Teo, it's great there), but IG tended to get better damage due to being able to tag weak spots along with staying out of danger.
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User Info: MeowMixMax

8 months ago#8
She has bad hitzones and the weakpoints are had to hit, I recommend CB or shelling GL for the set damage on phials and shells.
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User Info: bipolarity

8 months ago#9
Bow has access to the tail and face, so it seems a solid choice
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User Info: araym711

8 months ago#10
Elemental LBG IMO. You can safely hit her head and tail from a safe distance.
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