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  3. Does Monster Hunter World take the crown for most difficult Action-RPG?

User Info: Mr_D

1 year ago#81
setsunahq posted...
Witcher is hold one button to win, why is that s*** here?

I know! that game is garbage. It's as shallow as Skyrim combat wise. Sure it's got a great story, acting, writing... But yeah where is the game?

User Info: Xerain

1 year ago#82
Every MH game released has been slightly easier than the last, (Except maybe XX, which I haven't played). When Dark Souls first came out, MH games were harder than it, IMO. However I would say 4U is easier on average than DS2. Honestly, the difficulty for some of DS2's hardest bosses and some of the toughest fights in 4U are pretty close. However in 4U you have the option of leaving the map to recover and regroup. In DS2 you can't.

And now with the advent of MH World difficulty really isn't a point of discussion. everything falls over to a still breeze, so even if you're not capable of bringing your skill up to the boss's level, thanks to the low single player HP you can cheese most of the fight with tools and items and then capture it.
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User Info: memphis0789

1 year ago#83
seeing as how none of the Monster Hunter games have been really hard just grindy as s*** I would say no it's not even close there is a definitive difference between difficulty and pattern recognition

User Info: SayGoDj

1 year ago#84
MallyPureSmooth posted...
SayGoDj posted...
You don’t know difficult until you’ve played Niohs dlc. It’s actually an unfair type of difficulty imo.

Man, I ended up using cheese strats on some dlc bosses out of frustration. I didn't want to, but when I power leveled on Marobashi and still came back to an old-fashioned ass whooping, I said f*** it.

Yea I was getting one shot so I invested in the heaviest armor in the game and then I was getting 2 shot.

So I just went full living weapon spamming to win. f*** that fire arrow level too.
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  3. Does Monster Hunter World take the crown for most difficult Action-RPG?
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