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  3. Why do people keep saying this game is easy?

User Info: nativeboi85

1 year ago#1
Im getting stomped out by tobi kodachi
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User Info: VagrantSun

1 year ago#2
The people on this board have usually been playing Monster Hunter for years, and this latest entry to the series is easier than the others. The game, per se, is not easy. It's just that the people you'll talk to here are all terrifyingly good.

User Info: Badman76

1 year ago#3
People who've already played other mh games have already mastered at least one weapon and know half of the monsters moves and weakness.
Coming from mhfu i feel the monsters took for ages to kill, gee i still have nightmares from that duel gold rajang, it felt good after finally beating them though !!!
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User Info: Deaga

1 year ago#4
Because it is.

Step 1 - Git
Step 2 - Gud

User Info: Crimsonbeaver

1 year ago#5
Just paying attention to what monsters do is important. This is my first monster hunter game and the only 2 monsters that carted me once each was Diablos and Nerg.

Reading everywhere people were saying the first time you have to actually take Nerg down was basically a wall, which I didnt understand. Carted once and finished him off. It was maybe a 10 or 12 minutes fight the first time and thats it.

User Info: egpNoodlez

1 year ago#6
I feel if you come from playing ARPGs a lot of things will click faster than totally new players. I've never played MH but have gone through Soulsborne, so things like committing to an animation, stamina pacing, positioning etc., were familiar elements to me.

Also helps the number of quality of life things. Sprinting and drinking potions does wonders for living.

User Info: GanglyKhan

1 year ago#7
Crimsonbeaver posted...

You also have to remember that a lot of the new players are coming from the more casual/dudebro games like Skyrim, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, etc; They aren't used to the same level of challenge that MH offers.

User Info: Crimsonbeaver

1 year ago#8
Many games out there you spend time trading hits and being on the offence. Dodging, evading, blocking and what not play a larger role in this game because monsters hit harder than a lot of other game. Its not typically a tanking game like many others out there. You just have to adapt to the play style and try not to think that you can just stand there and trade hits with a monster thats 10 times or greater than you in size and call it unfair.

User Info: TonkPils6sic6

1 year ago#9
It really is but that doesn't mean it's not fun. In the older mh games it took a lot longer to kill a monster and was usually physically harder if you were on the 3ds. We didn't have mantles, boosters, slingers, environmental traps, walls to run jump off of. Hell even mounting monsters is fairly new to the series by a couple of installments. Also couldn't run and drink potions at the same time, that single handedly is what I think made this game that much easier.

User Info: nativeboi85

1 year ago#10
Even dark souls 3 can be easy if u mastered 1 and 2 but thats if your a hardcore vet it shouldnt take away that the game is actually hard
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