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  3. i see Diablos are still condensed Satan incarnate.

User Info: ArcRay20

9 months ago#1
like holy hell, i thought i was just doing something wrong back in MH3U, but no these things are the most BS thing in these games arent they?

constantly digging underground when i attempt to attack which leads to me attempting to dodge the attack which fails as you have to put away your weapon., always doing THAT ram attack that WILL kill you as the dodge never activates, their damage output is too high even if you wear armor specifically for taking less damage from them.

it felt this bad back in the one game i played before this and they are still bad. even worse probably.
its the only monster that carts me.
is there no real strategy when ive tried everything sane? is there only trial and death and error?

unrelated, but why does your Palico sometimes not want to help when they are totally able to?
i'll find myself in dire need of health and i usually happen to have a Vigorwasp command unused,
only for my cat to to say "he cant" when he is standing right next to me doing nothing.

it'd be like trying to use a potion that doesnt actually heal you, something that would go like "hmm that didnt taste good, so im not healed at all".
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User Info: Carveless

9 months ago#2
Diablos is a baby monster. All it does is charge

User Info: Semeki

9 months ago#3
Good Luck with Black if you can't handle regular Diablos. This game makes things so much easier than previous entries:
you have mantles
you can heal while dashing
controls are fluid and responsive
you can go back to tent and change armor/items

f***ing easy now.
The darkest shadows are cast by the brightest light.

User Info: Catmeister

9 months ago#4
What is Sonic Bombs.

Or pods as the kool kidz call them now
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User Info: Sera67

9 months ago#5
Holy Lance's make Satan go away.
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

9 months ago#6
Tempered Black Diablos was fun. Always love fighting Diablos. Biggest reason I can’t wait to get through XX is Massacre Demon Diablos. Overall they are my favorite monster type.
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User Info: KNOX614

9 months ago#7
Diablos teaches you not to be greedy. His attacks punish you for that, especially since his wind up takes a while to start attacking.
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User Info: Youngwoong

9 months ago#8
Sera67 posted...
Holy Lance's make Satan go away.
Praise Lord Gargwa
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User Info: Volren617

9 months ago#9
Screamer Pods to get then out of the ground.

Lance or Gunlance with Guard 3 completely trivializes then if you really want to.

User Info: Sebas27

9 months ago#10
We need Deviant Diablos
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  3. i see Diablos are still condensed Satan incarnate.
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