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User Info: Omniblitz

11 months ago#151
Antari18 posted...
ReiderAsmadi posted...
I mean, you're entitled to your opinion but really?

Same as you and few other millions who can't think for themselves and need to rely on others opinions to feel they have somewhere to belong. You even played outside of watching youtube game demo?

And what does quoting that scene even have to prove here? The game is super violent and vulgar and I absolutely love it. It fits its theme perfectly along with music. They have nailed it with punk theme + religious motif. You can rarely see this much quality today in games.

Things like Bayonetta 2 are really uninspired to me. I recon most people who gave it 10s haven't even played DMC.

Dude, get a grip. All you're stating is your opinion, it's not factual, so don't make snide remarks against people who don't agree with you, makes you look like a complete moron.
"Barry: That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!
Jill: You're right. Barry, thanks for saving my life!"

User Info: ZentetsukenVII

11 months ago#152
Well s***! OG Dante <3...

... Expect me to cart on tempered dragons from here on out! :3


I would like to mention that even though a lot of people hated DmC.. (I was one of them), I actually ended up liking it by the end of the game.. Donte is certainly NOT the level of badass as the real one.. But it wasn't a bad game. Especially the music, really enjoyed Combichrist's tracks. "Never Surrender" was an absolute perfect choice for the beginning of the game.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

11 months ago#153
ufara posted...
Fear_Awakens posted...
Charge Blade, huh? Looks like Sword Mode is Force Edge and the Axe Mode is Alastair. Man, they missed a chance to give us Sparda with a Switch Axe. Sparda even canonically has a Scythe mode and a large Sword mode. It would have been perfect for a Switch Axe.

Classic DMC1 Dante is neat and all, though.

Aw man, you're right dood.

That is a serious missed opportunity.

Agni and Rudra could be Dual Blades.

Yamato fits as a Longsword, although Rebellion has a more similar moveset to Longsword and could actually look really cool as a Longsword that isn't a katana.

Nevan could be a Hunting Horn. It's canonically an electric guitar that turns into a scythe.

But they chose Force Edge, which turns into Alistair for Axe Mode? Which makes little sense. Force Edge is the sealed form of Sparda, so if Charge Blade needed to be one weapon turning into another, it could have been Force Edge turning into Sparda. The shield looks like a Devil Magic Circle, so it could be full-on removing the seal on Sparda when they switched. It would even make sense to move slower with Sparda, because it's a MASSIVE sword.

As it is, Force Edge (Sword Mode) turns into Alistair (Axe Mode). Alistair is a lightning Devil Arm. It's extremely fast. It would fit into the Longsword category, speed-wise, as a high-speed 2H sword. But because it's Axe Mode, this new elongated version of Alistair is weirdly slow. It's got nothing to do with Force Edge, either. They're unrelated swords.

Ultimately, I understand. Force Edge and Alistair are the two swords in DMC1, and the ones you use most often. They wanted to squeeze them both into one weapon instead of making Force Edge/Sparda into a Switch Axe and Alistair a Longsword, which is what I would have done. And I do use Charge Blade. But it just feels like such a missed opportunity.

User Info: Enclosure

11 months ago#154

User Info: calcilisx

11 months ago#155
Korppi123 posted...
ReiderAsmadi posted...
Antari18 posted...
Omniblitz posted...
Oh man... It's original DMC as well. Can you imagine how pissed people would be if it was that crap remake skin of the redesigned version of Dante.

Original all the way man <3

The DMC reboot was really good game, way more underrated than it should be. Bayonetta 2 stole a lot from it and if you don't agree with it you're delusional. I recently picked it up for PS4 as Definitive Edition (I hesitate on ps3 because of bad rep this game had after release) and was shocked how much Bayonetta stole from it. It's really depressing this game got like 7-8 while crap ripoff Bayonetta got 9-10. Combat in DMC reboot is truly incredible - it feels logical, it feels fluid. Not even mentioning mindblowing backdrops design and characters. And that's coming from DMC 1-4 die-hard fan. New Dante is way better than old one in terms of character. It's on another level. I came back to trilogy with HD remaster and cringed all the time because how bad original Dante is. We have 2018 now kid. Maybe if you have 12yo it make you exited but I'm a little older now. Not even mentioning how bad was story in first installments. DMC reboot had really good story too with believable characters and interesting plot.

I mean, you're entitled to your opinion but really?

Like dante from 1-4 didnt have its bad moments..

they belong to the cheesy ita so bad that its good category

the reboot one is just bad
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