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User Info: sanyle

9 months ago#1
I want to know how the MH Community feels about World. - Results (474 votes)
All around completely welcomed overhaul and I feel it's the best game in the series.
26.37% (125 votes)
I like most of what they did but I feel some areas are lacking and/or need improvement still.
46.84% (222 votes)
I'm about 50/50. I like some changes, but there's a few that I really don't care for.
7.81% (37 votes)
I don't hate it, but it's not the Monster Hunter I wanted or am familiar with.
6.96% (33 votes)
12.03% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I personally have played 3 and Generations very vaguely. Not enough to really get into the meat of the game (like not even high rank), but I've played enough to have spotted alot of the changes immediately. Personally I feel like this is best game in the series due to the quality of life changes they made (like pickaxes and nets being infinite, item farm, scoutflies aside from them being finicky here and there) but I actually don't think the game has enough monsters or maps, or even much of an incentive to play past HR 100 imho.
But that's just me.

I want to know how you guys feel as well as give ideas to what you would like to see, or what would make the game better. I'm very interested to see how they plan to update World over time as it could very well do better with some tweaking and additions to it. Let's just hope Capcom doesn't shrug off the success and doubles down on this one.

User Info: blueruler

9 months ago#2
Its like tri, good changes and a lot of heart put into it, but just needs more work done to really shine
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User Info: -Ozur-

9 months ago#3
I feel insulted that Bazelgeuse is the "worst" choice. He's my new favorite monster!

But seriously, this is a great game. Couple of things here and there that could be tweeked or updated, but yea. Absolutely solid.

User Info: Nasada19

9 months ago#4
I just want more. More varied weapon designs, more monsters, more armor, more maps. Would also like to put the fishing rod, net and roast away in the box since they take up space and I will literally never use them again. But maybe I'm just too dumb to figure it out.
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User Info: Nergigante

9 months ago#5
I love the overhaul. Still not quite perfect and nothing that can't be improved via patch/Ultimate Edition/DLC. So, I welcome it. The quality of life changes are great, I like the removal of loading scren between areas, I like the new combat, I pretty much like everything. Needs more content and a few tweaks, which again, I'm sure will be fixed with DLC/Ultimate Edition (or both in one if the Ultimate/G edition is DLC), so yeah. Eventually, this will become the best MH in my eyes. Heck, it's already there if we just take the engine and ignore the standard first edition "lack of content". But that's how MH always is, so yeah.
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User Info: VagrantSun

9 months ago#6
They usually add more content over time. If you were to talk about a base to build from, MH:World is about as great a one as you can ask for.

User Info: Exodiver

9 months ago#7
Need to put more effort in weapon design!
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User Info: EndThisReign

9 months ago#8
To parrot what the others have said, it’s already a great base game. They do need to regularly add more content, however, and create a G-rank update at a later time. It would be a “Destiny” level mistake for them to make G-rank its own game later on, as D2 could’ve all been a DLC to D1, easily.

User Info: chocobo84

9 months ago#9
This game has some potential but right now, I would say 50/50.

User Info: z827

9 months ago#10
What I actually enjoyed :

- Much faster gathering though I suppose it did slowly improve over the years to begin with

- Infinite pickaxes etc. as mentioned

- Slingers for an easy-to-access Flash Bomb / Dung Bomb

- Tail being marked on the mini-map

- No more "Oh crap, I'd forgotten to Paint Ball it"

- Generally less tripping

Neutral :

- General map design - it's good to look at but when it comes to actual fights, certain areas could prove to be rather annoying to fight in.

- Generally a larger focus on pushing the player to utilising the environment

- Streamlined movement. It's like transitioning from MGS1-4 to Phantom Pain - the general idea is the same but at the same time, the fundamental design and methodology of playing the game has changed.

Absolute Disdain :

- Weapon design - seriously, most of the new weapons look like a low-tier weapon with emblems and spikes slapped onto it and only the recurring weapons look different.

- A fair portion of the new monsters were just watered down versions of existing monsters.

- Fairly boring flagship and Elder Dragons.

- Rolled back on certain excellent design choices in 4U and Gen

- Terrible monster roster

That said, the item farm has been around for years.
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