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  3. I made a web based armor set builder for MH World that lets you share builds

User Info: blackkat101

1 year ago#41
Newts_Ute posted...
But the game already lets me equip items and decos. Dont need a 3rd party app for that. At least the other link helps you build wishlist sets with pieces you might overlook

Except this allows for easy sharing of your builds with others.

It also lets you pick out items and mix and match them and have it saved. The in game wishlist only holds 6 individual items. It also doesn't show you the stats and decos and how they would affect the set. So it's still quite different than what is done in game.

User Info: sdakerrigan

1 year ago#42
This is highly appreciated - thank you!
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User Info: Exede

1 year ago#43
Thank you for your work. Gratz for the sticky
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User Info: mario2000

1 year ago#44
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User Info: Exorcist777

1 year ago#45
Well done! Very handy!
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#46
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: YurokoAsamiya

1 year ago#47
cool, thank you!

User Info: kofreak

1 year ago#48
This is really useful. Thank you OP.
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User Info: SvennEthir

1 year ago#49
Updated! Now you can view Hunting Horn songs and Bow Coatings! The only weapon specific element left is to add the ammo shots for HBG/LBG.

Also added the stats for Non-Elemental Boost and set it up to apply without the Apply Conditional Skills checkbox on applicable weapons.

Any requests for new features?
MH World Armor Set Builder - http://mhworld.tabletopgeeks.com/

User Info: migsmeister

1 year ago#50
Amazing work.
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  3. I made a web based armor set builder for MH World that lets you share builds
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