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User Info: SvennEthir

2 years ago#1
For those that just want to dive in: http://mhworld.tabletopgeeks.com/

I decided to toss together an armor set builder for Monster Hunter World last weekend. I really enjoy theorycrafting and creating builds so I wanted to toss something together to make it easier for me. It's not the prettiest (if anyone is good at css and wants to take a shot at making it pretty, let me know), but it should be functional. I have not tested every browser (mostly just Chrome and Edge) so it's possible there are compatibility issues, so please let me know if you run into any problems so I can fix them.


* Select any (high rank) armor piece. Stats for the armor are displayed and added to the total (only the base defense value is calculated right now, but I'd like to get in support for "maxed" defense level and streamstone uncapped defense level).
* Select any (final form) weapon. Stats for the weapon are displayed and added to the total. Sharpness display is a work in progress (anyone know if there's a list of the actual sharpness values available anywhere yet?) and there is no support for weapon specific stats (ammo types, phial types, songs, etc) but I'd like to try and get those in.
* Set decorations in all selected pieces. The builder only shows a dropdown for each available decoration slot and auto-populates it only with decorations that can fit in that specific slot.
* Search for specific skills! The search dropdown will highlight any armor piece, decoration, or charm that has the selected skill.
* Share your build with others. Simply copy/paste the url to share the build.
* Use the Store/Revert buttons to save a build for comparison and then revert back to that build if necessary.
* Stats automatically update based on selected skills... mostly (percentage based boosts are not applied yet, I need to mess around with those in game to find the exact formula for for the order things are applied to make sure the numbers are right). For conditional skills (Agitator, Heroics, etc) there is a checkbox for applying the stats from those skills so you can see what your stats would look like with and without the specific conditions being met. Disclaimer: I don't know all of the exact formulas used so it's possible that the calculations are not precise right now. If you find a discrepancy, please send me your build info and what the in-game numbers are so I can try to fix the formulas!
* Tooltips for skills that display the description of that skill. Just mouse over any skill name and you should get a tooltip pop-up with the description for the current level of that skill.

Known Issues:

* Some features don't work with mobile browsers. The search functionality does not work due to the fact that mobiles use their own dropdown selectors and I can't find a way to interact with them yet and there is no way to get the mouse over tooltips for skill descriptions.
* As mentioned above, some features such as Sharpness, weapon specific stats, and percentage based skill boosts are not implemented yet.

Any feedback, issues, and/or suggestions?
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User Info: Bloodsin

2 years ago#2
This is much needed! Thank you! Works on Android no problem. Can't wait to get home and start making builds with this.
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User Info: novelaa

2 years ago#3
Great tool

User Info: spvrtan

2 years ago#4
Would also post this on Reddit if you haven’t already, good job!

User Info: NJolly

2 years ago#5
This is amazing, great work!
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User Info: SvennEthir

2 years ago#6
spvrtan posted...
Would also post this on Reddit if you haven’t already, good job!

Already posted on Reddit!

Thanks guys! I'm planning to continue updating it over time as well. There are definitely features I'd like to implement. If all goes well I'd like to try and have people be able to save builds to a database with a description and some info and let people search that.

I'd like to expand the options menu as well with some new things, including the ability to see the raw/true damage.

User Info: BennyG31889

2 years ago#7
PSN Jamin925

User Info: pnut027

2 years ago#8
Sticky requested

User Info: SvennEthir

2 years ago#9
Thanks guys! Glad to see all the support. :)

User Info: IMRavnos

2 years ago#10
Teated using safari, works great, no issues.

Sticky requested.


DB weapon fire and ice has dual element/ status, it only shows as elemet 240

There should be a way to select how many armor upgrades you have on your armor poeces, including augmented to remove the upgrade limit.

Other than that, you win the internet
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  3. I made a web based armor set builder for MH World that lets you share builds
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