What is the most satisfying thing to do in this game?

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  3. What is the most satisfying thing to do in this game?

User Info: HBninjaX

3 weeks ago#61
true charge connect to the face, some type of reaction (part breaking, flinch, monster falls down)

User Info: T0ny510

3 weeks ago#62
When using the CB getting that Guard Point just right that the Monster knocks themselves out and then you immediately hit them with the Discharge for big dick damage.
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User Info: SepInDisguise

3 weeks ago#63
Spirit Storm or Elemental Discharge blast on the head finishing the hunt, came everytime.
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User Info: TrippleCart

3 weeks ago#64
Landing a True Charge.

User Info: i-rock-socks

3 weeks ago#65
hunting monsters
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User Info: DemonSlayer92

3 weeks ago#66
Where is killing a monster with a Zero Sum Discharge?
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User Info: Carnatux

3 weeks ago#67
but but capturing endemic life is life!
"Monster Hunter World"
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User Info: Ryo_the_Inferno

3 weeks ago#68
Staggering or knocking them down. Makes me feel like a badass.
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User Info: myunihausen

3 weeks ago#69
I like to stalk the villagers, I know they're plotting on me anyway so I follow them and make sure I know what they're up to.

Cha-Cha would have my back but I think they took him, I'll find out..... they cannot hide forever.

I know they're there.

User Info: bunnyrebellion

3 weeks ago#70
capturing a monster after responding to an SOS request where the player is in danger of failing (I’m just paying forward the kindness shown to me).
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  3. What is the most satisfying thing to do in this game?

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