What is the most satisfying thing to do in this game?

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  3. What is the most satisfying thing to do in this game?

User Info: gregcamhon

7 months ago#1
What gives you that juicy dopamine? - Results (425 votes)
Cutting a tail off
16.24% (69 votes)
Breaking a part
12.24% (52 votes)
Knocking flyers out of the sky
15.29% (65 votes)
Killing a mon
8.47% (36 votes)
Capturing a mon
3.76% (16 votes)
1.41% (6 votes)
When you get a rare material
15.76% (67 votes)
Optimizing your weapon
5.88% (25 votes)
Optimizing your armour
4.24% (18 votes)
Other (please state)
16.71% (71 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I just really love cutting everythings tail off. I don't enjoy fighting mons without a cuttable tail as much...
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User Info: ShadowSilver13

7 months ago#2
Definitely breaking parts with a Hammer for me. That weaponhas so much impact to it, its so satisfying
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User Info: BlinkusMaximus

7 months ago#3
Breaking s***, specifically horns.
Watching Nerg's head whip back and a horn snap off gets me hard.

User Info: Sera67

7 months ago#4
Getting a good end kill picture...

I enjoy trying to kill them in stupid ways... or in odd locations.
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User Info: SalmonSnak3

7 months ago#5
Killing a hard mon for the first time, like tempered Kirin or Nerg. Even Odogaron kill felt really good when I first fought it

User Info: EXL

7 months ago#6
Sometimes failing in the most spectacular fashion me and a friend were doing azure rath arena, and he said he had bombs for when i afflicted sleep, and it was Mega bounce bombs, I was like NooOOOoOO when I had mega barrel bombs lol
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User Info: pnut027

7 months ago#7
Knocking them over, then wailing on their weak spots.

User Info: beautheschmo

7 months ago#8
True Charge Slash on a weakpoint
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User Info: Choppa675

7 months ago#9
Breaking parts/severing a tail.
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User Info: Judge1219

7 months ago#10
Stun dropping a monster just before it hits you.
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