Double tempered Beetlejuice fight.

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User Info: Fists_of_Dorn

7 months ago#31
TheTruth197 posted...
Rampagingwalrus posted...
TheTruth197 posted...
Rampagingwalrus posted...
TheTruth197 posted...
I don't know how you're being one-shot. My defense is a little higher at 403 but my fire resist is -6 and they still only take maybe half my health bar with a clean carpet bomb shot. I'm an insect glaive user so I'm usually in the thick of it going for the head and tail so i eat those once in a while. Don't know how that's happening to you.

Do they even do fire damage? I thought it was explosive damage. As in blast. As in defence and resistances do not do anything. But, I could be wrong. I usually am.

Honestly I'm not sure. I thought it was fire damage but it could be blast. I don't even know if there is a visual blast resistance stat. At least I can't recall ever seeing one.

There is blast resistance, on Bezelgeuse's set, primarily, I believe. But it does not reduce the damage of blast, just reduces the build up rate of the explosive bonus damage.

Then I think it almost certainly is fire damage then because if it was blast it would just build up until it explodes which it doesn't it's just a one time hit. Still though I don't understand how the TC is being one-shot

His scales deal blast damage. The Blast resist skill does reduce blast damage as well as delay the build up of blastblight; the second rank almost eliminates blast damage.
I was using these a lot when I first made it to the elder’s recess and began fighting all of the blast-heavy monsters there.

User Info: The Eternal Evil

The Eternal Evil
7 months ago#32
I joined a group for that terrified I'd mess up since it was my first tempered monster. Two other people died I didn't. Basically use your previous knowledge on them, let them fight, and be sure to keep moving when you see explosives.
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 months ago#33
lapot1 posted...
What. The. f***.
People say this game isn't hard? One shot city and not only is all my armor maxed, Rank 8 exterminators edge, 10 fire resist and 388 defense... How in the f*** do I deal with two carpet bombers when one kills me just fine?

Fighting both at once is silly why would you do that. Either sheathe your weapon and let them fight each other (they absolutely annihilate each other pretty quick) or dung pod one of them and fight them one at a time.

As long as you don't throw attacks into their smoldering mines their attacks are not that difficult to manage.
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