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  3. i gotta admit first time i felt ripped off by a video game.

User Info: nativeboi85

1 year ago#1
While its not a BIG deal the beta did make multiplayer/online to be more streamlined match making. THe MP in this game is so confusing and barren its not even worth it.
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User Info: Unquestionable

1 year ago#2
It's not hard if you have friends to play with, takes like a minutes to send each other room codes. If not it's incredibly easy to just rely on SOS stuff to join or invite randoms. But yeah it's still a bit of a mess of a system.
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User Info: skylinefreek

1 year ago#3
Use the SOS system.
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User Info: Crysiania

1 year ago#4
Yea I am surprised they didn't just keep the beta system, it was a lot simpler and has less jumping through hoops.

User Info: agustusx

1 year ago#5
Yeah, I do agree its strange how the beta system worked reasonably well. I think the current system is way to nested to be any good and it will be even worse over time.

SOS system works alright, but I'd rather not just drop in mid fight like that. Being able to communicate with team before the fight is valuable.

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

1 year ago#6
The developers' vision for a thriving online gathering hub with 16 players looked cool in the trailers, but it was executed poorly and is missing key features that makes it practical to even use. They could have fixed this if they used the gathering hub for more I think. Sometimes I'm more inclined to join a person when I physically see them standing in front of me and they post a quest. I don't look at or care about the messages on the side of my screen, because there's no distinction between someone wanting to solo or actually wanting help on a quest.

Luckily though, the online hub and accessibility of the game were universally poorly received and complaints are flooding Capcom daily, so hopefully they'll do something about it. inb4 "It's Capcom, they won't."
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User Info: clockbottle

1 year ago#7
I get a full party about 2 minutes after firing my SOS every time. Then again, I tend to play late so it's always Japanese I fellers joining my game. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, maybe they make up more of the player base.

User Info: thebestestbest

1 year ago#8
It's mostly functional

Search for SOS flares with rewards available, or start a quest and put up an SOS flare right at the start

That's how you get global matchmaking and it will usually get you a full party, but it takes a few minutes.

User Info: _Incanus_

1 year ago#9
Glad I prefer to play solo lol I haven't had any issues with multiplayer the few times I have played with others.

User Info: Argol_vazin

1 year ago#10
am I crazy? this system is so simple and easy to use. like are people that dense they can't figure out "invite friend, post quest, fun times" or "join quest, sos, select target monster, join quest, fun times" or "launch SOS, fun times" each of those options takes all of 30 seconds
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  3. i gotta admit first time i felt ripped off by a video game.
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