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  3. Forbes calls this games animal cruelty. Rebuttal?

User Info: DrProfessor

1 year ago#1
I have a doctorate in professoring.

User Info: shallow_cuts

1 year ago#2
It is sure to lead to dinosaurs being hunted to extinction.

User Info: HopkickCityBoiz

1 year ago#3
Who cares?
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User Info: Fuuinashi

1 year ago#4
Wtf? This game is obviously human cruelty.

Have you seen what these monsters are packing?!

User Info: ArsenicSteel

1 year ago#5
Forbes contributor. Meaning a s***ty blogger.
It's geeks who really make or break a TV show or movie or videogame.

User Info: snakes_righteye

1 year ago#6
Where's the article about COD and human cruelty? Sometimes this s*** is ridiculous.
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User Info: Romer318

1 year ago#7
HopkickCityBoiz posted...
Who cares?

User Info: MasterTurtle

1 year ago#8
can't read the article because it has an ad blocker blocker

but it might not be so bad if monsters would actually drop the right items!
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User Info: Yomigaeru

1 year ago#9
Gotta get that clickbait out there. Monster Hunter has finally hit the mainstream, and all the mainstream publications are looking to hop on this gravy train.

Monhan has been going since 2004. Why did Forbes remain silent on this important issue for nearly 14 years?

User Info: Rahl13

1 year ago#10
The game amuses me. All the characters are like "Aww nature is so beautiful and awesome, now go murder it all and bring me the parts."
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  3. Forbes calls this games animal cruelty. Rebuttal?
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