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User Info: grandpastern

2 years ago#1
I've heard this mentioned a few times, but have no idea how to do it. :)

User Info: RaRitsujun

2 years ago#2
Shoot -> Charged Side/Front/Back-Stepping -> Triangle

It's a jumping melee bow attack with mounting chance.
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User Info: zegram33

2 years ago#3
don't even need to shoot, just AIM, dodge and triangle

User Info: Thiel1989

2 years ago#4
RaRitsujun posted...
Shoot -> Charged Side/Front/Back-Stepping -> Triangle

You don't need to shoot tho.
Have your bow out and hold L2 to aim then press X and a direction input to do a charging dash and press triangle during it to do a lunging arrow stab that triggers mounting.
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User Info: grandpastern

2 years ago#5
Thanks! (I just want to say that this community can be really awesome! Things are not so cool over at the DBFZ board lol)
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