Couple newb questions, first MH game.

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  3. Couple newb questions, first MH game.

User Info: Dyson

3 months ago#1
When it comes to crafting, upgrading gear, and harvesting mats does it all take place within each timed mission/instance or is there a hub people can get together at to gear up and get ready for missions?

And on average how many monsters/missions are usually in a full game?
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User Info: O_Rehnquist

3 months ago#2
Traditionally there is a hub

Too hard to say, for the last one, you'll be fighting the same monsters over and over and over again chasing down certain materials. People usually play between 800-1200 hours when they get their best gear / fight the hardest monsters.
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User Info: Round_Dice

3 months ago#4

User Info: Guillermo55

3 months ago#5
You can do everything in the hub except for a few specific combinations (throwing knives, usually, unless they change it).

This game will have (if the leaked list is to be believed) around 35 monsters. Games usually have packs of quests that all have a star rating, so you get 1 star quests first and unlock higher tiers by completing certain ones. This will be my first game without g rank, so I'm not sure how many tiers will be in it but you can bet it'll be at least 7-10

User Info: Alternus

3 months ago#6
There will probably a town or something with the necessary npcs to offer you the services you need as with all the other games.

As for the monsters... should be enough to keep a great variety. The desire sensor will make you hunt a ton of them anyway. Aside from that, there will probably be a s*** ton of quests. With a lot of them having you hunt multiple monsters. And the event quests have some gimmick to change things up.
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  3. Couple newb questions, first MH game.

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