Why are so many MH fans specifically against a story?

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User Info: DaiIchiban

6 months ago#11
Sekret: Monster Hunter isn't an "Action RPG."
All of the role playing is done in your head.
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User Info: BenignPandora

6 months ago#12
DaiIchiban posted...
I don't want the game dictating who my character is and what his motivations are anymore than it already has. This is MY journey of slaughter.
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User Info: psoRanger

6 months ago#13
story? I button mash through dialogue but I make sure I read every quest description, now that's story right there. like the guildmarm or whoever it was that has the hots for a fistful of brachy lovin'.

Those strong arms! That explosive personality! And he's right there in the Volcanic Hollow... Oh, I could faint! Be a dear, Doodle, and give him a wink from me, okay?
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User Info: Yomigaeru

6 months ago#14
Dasoku posted...
But why do I see so many people act as if it's a negative, like as if the presence of a story makes the game worse? I saw a few people literally say the story was a turnoff.

To be fair, a bad story can drag down the overall quality of a game (even if you ignore it).

User Info: Dayez

6 months ago#15
Plenty of good reasons stated above. I'd probably also add it's really hard to create a good story. Very few games manage to pull it off. I see it as one aspect that is more likely to go wrong than right. Coupled with the fact that the series has done well without a focus on story, it seems like there is more downside to attempting one.

Regardless, you can probably ignore the story if you don't like it.

User Info: NJWrassler

6 months ago#16
Storytelling is good. MH has always relied on text to do it, even just in descriptions of hunts or items. 4U shows the possibility of what they can do, and it is pretty simple, to the point, go hunt this gameplay with a little extra. This looks no different.

Also, Saints Row 2 had the dumbest plot ever but was awesome.

People can't handle anything nowadays. It has plot?!? EXPLODES

User Info: clockworkcorpse

6 months ago#17
I think a lot of the responses to the question of weather MH needs a story might be misinterpreted. For those that have played the series through several games the story isn't important to encourage progression. In fact, most people returning to the game usually feel the game doesn't really get started until the endgame, and view whatever story that follows them through the earlier ranks is just a very longwinded tutorial.

For myself i don't care if there is a story. I'd be happy with something like "oh noes! We crashed our boat-ship on the top of this mountain on an island nobody has ever visited before! Mystery! Exploration! What is there to kill around here and what can we craft from the corpses!?"
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User Info: SGRM

6 months ago#18
I like the story as is. You're the village hunter, and you fulfill any/every contract offered no questions asked. I'm happy with that, I dont need any further motivation.
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User Info: Element_Pearl

6 months ago#19
Because it's not going to be a good story anyway, so why bother investing resources in it when they could have maybe created a new weapon or enemy instead? Now they have to pay for mocap, voice acting, scenario, cutscenes, etc. It's a waste of money, because it's not going to be good. At best it will be inoffensive.
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