PSA: Regarding Malchiodi... (Chapter 5 Small Spoilers)

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User Info: BenjaMan64

7 months ago#1
For those wondering about Malchiodi's Key in Chapter 5, it's not near his room. I spent around 30 minutes looking around, using Foresight to either find the key or a way into the room. Turns out I just wasted my time.

After interacting with the Dead Eye's God, turn around and you'll spot a man a bit far away, on the wall on the left. He's Malchiodi, he's got his key on his person.

User Info: thefinalzapkeet

7 months ago#2
ugh i spent like an hour searching for that stupid key. I thought that we had to somehow get into that room with foresight then teleport in through that small fence in the other room. Eventually i just said "screw it" and went to the outsider, thinking maybe he had the key? but nope, at least it said i could try searching for another way.

So i spent like another half an hour searching, and killing everything out of frustration. Finally made a last ditch effort to just go back to the eye, maybe i could teleport back to the non void world and get the answer there? As soon as i entered the room with the Eye there he was. I can't believe I just walked right past him when i went to the telescope in that same room.

I'm really glad i wasn't the only one who had trouble with him.
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  3. PSA: Regarding Malchiodi... (Chapter 5 Small Spoilers)

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