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  3. It shouldn't take 2 and a half hours to clear a GM3 with 4 MW Javelins

User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

1 month ago#1
For shiggles, 4 of us did GM3 Tyrant Mine and we never wiped once, but it took 2 hours and 43 minutes to full clear it.

I got 10 MWs and 0 Legendaries, which sucked as well. They just made everything way too spongy, and all 4 of us were near 700 (and one of us was over) in item level.

User Info: Nosferatzu

1 month ago#2
Gm3 still isn't worth it, two is depending on what ur doing not 3 tho
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

1 month ago#3
I'm not bothering with GM3 until most of my gear is Legendary.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

1 month ago#4
Yeah I can see it being easy like once you get a maxed out build but I don't think it's worth it atm for anyone
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User Info: Veraichi

1 month ago#5
Gm2 is barely worth it I can't even be bothered to waste that much time on gm3. I will just grind 15min tyrant mine runs on gm1 and get roughly 20mws in 2 and a half hours instead

User Info: darklust

1 month ago#6
It's no joke... Still took four of us half an hour to clear just the monitor on gm2!

User Info: idonliketurtles

1 month ago#7
Yeah GM3 is ridiculous, you can tell they never tested GM3 and simply gave everything bigger numbers even though realistically it's kind of a joke. Either the loot needs to get way better in GM3 or some health values need to be adjusted to ever make it worth grinding.
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  3. It shouldn't take 2 and a half hours to clear a GM3 with 4 MW Javelins
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