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User Info: Blezcuea

2 years ago#1
Full Forward H>A L> A H> A S (2925 A S, 3354 A HS, 3065 A ES)

Grab>Up LE>A L>A H>A HS (2200 Damage)

L>L>L>H>Full S>LE>ES>Either Hyper or Down Hyper (3959 damage)

Back H> Back S> Hyper X2 or Down Hyper X2 (3520 Normal Hyper, 4400 Down Hyper)

Back H> Back S>LE>ES>Hyper or Down Hyper (4370 Hyper, 4730 Down Hyper)

I find Noko is weirdly grounded combo wise
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User Info: ObligatoryFate

2 years ago#2
You the real MVP
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