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  3. Any other Kawase fans here?

User Info: 1upsuper

2 years ago#11
Yup. I like a bunch of the characters in the game but Umihara Kawase is what ultimately sold me on it. Umihara Kawase is one of my favorite platformer series for sure. They are very fun games with high skill ceilings. Lots of cool tech you can learn and pull off.

I see the Bionic Commando comparison a lot but I don't quite agree with it. Umihara Kawase is more of a physics platformer and there's a lot more freedom with her fishing line, at least compared to the old Bionic Commandos. Never played the new one.
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User Info: StephenYap3

2 years ago#12
I am. Can't wait for the Switch game to land next year!
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User Info: coyotelad

2 years ago#13
Definitely! She's the reason I got the game.

User Info: Taiyz

2 years ago#14
Hell yeah. While I own Code of Princess as well, Sayonara Umihara Kawase is the reason I'm a fan of Studio Saizensen and have been buying their games since.

User Info: contrafan

2 years ago#15
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