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  3. How long does a match last?

User Info: Star_Nuts

11 months ago#1
I know it all depends on how long you live, but how long is your typical match? Also, how long until the final zone (if that's even what you call it).
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11 months ago#2
All you could do is time each match and do the math to make a average.

Some games I drop in a populated area and Yolo it and I might die right away. Sometimes I survive to make my way to the next town or circle.

Some games I drop on the out skirts away from everyone and work my way in.

Everything is too random to say I last 20 mins every game.

I've landed by myself looted up, started making my way to the next circle to get ambushed by a guy hanging behind a rock I didn't see in time.

It's all random on what could happen.
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User Info: TheConstable

11 months ago#3
about 20 minutes was the length of a game where I was 4th overall and the zone was so small there was no where to hide
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