2013 Ram error

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User Info: banone779

6 months ago#1
I'm trying to use the 2013 Ram Runner for an open race and a keep getting "Marketplace Error. Failed to download required marketplace data". I own the vehicle there shouldn't be anything more to download. This seems to be the only vehicle that does this, Is any else getting this error?
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User Info: banone779

6 months ago#2
Anyone? I've tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything on this error.
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User Info: Similac

6 months ago#3
you're not the only one I have other dlc cars that does the same problems you have, sometimes it work when you restart the X1 then sometimes it locked me up to rebuy it again, all we can do is wait for Turn10 to patch it.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

6 months ago#4
apparently there is an exploit with that truck, being used to rack up lots of credits.
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User Info: VonBlade

6 months ago#5
No, there was a method of using it to quickly gain ranks.

Exploit is using the game in a manner not intended at all.
Using the car that gives XP bonuses on a certain track to race on a certain track and get the bonus isn't an exploit.
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User Info: banone779

6 months ago#6
I don't care about any exploit/cheat/hack or whatever you call it, I just wanted to use the truck in a race. Does that mean they locked it out for everyone instead of just banning the cheaters?
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User Info: openfist

6 months ago#7
I haven't run into that yet. There was a similar problem in horizon 3, where some of the preorder dlc cars couldn't be used. Their solution was to make the cars able to be removed from your garage

User Info: Red_Frog

6 months ago#8
There was a pinned thread on the FM.net forums asking for information about this. I can't find it anymore, but they are aware of it and maybe are working on a fix.

User Info: pjnelson

6 months ago#9
ApexMjolnir posted...
apparently there is an exploit with that truck, being used to rack up lots of credits.

There was. It's been patched. Now it gives a percentage bonus instead of a flat rate.
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User Info: K2000kidd

6 months ago#10
After the update i had to do a hard reset to get the DLC cars back. Selecting anything
would result in the buy screen from the marketplace when i already owned said content
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