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User Info: ZeroJinKui

2 months ago#1
i've found a couple of these while exploring now, one in the southwest, one east of that, which i think is supposed to have two elephants in it... but when i approached it, one of the elephants kinda... sunk into the ground.

and the newest one i found is in the northeast, after saving one of apollodorus' men... in the roman camp of jumbe... but that one is completely empty.

are these related to quests?

if so, where do i get the quests... cause i'm find seeing anything related to elephants, no matter where i go.

at the very least, i'd figure the northeast one is a quest, since it is empty, and the guy i saved talked about the enemy training elephants.
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User Info: Fjoeri

2 months ago#2
The one in the North is tied to a quest late game. The other ones are not. They are just optional bosses to beat for some loot and a trophy/achievement. I do suggest making sure you are ready because they are tough opponents.
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