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User Info: yankeefan03

2 months ago#1
Really enjoyed all the games up until Unity and I may have got burnt out. Finally picked up syndicate for free and didn’t make it past a few missions and deleted it. Origins seems like it changed up the formula a lot. Is this a good entry to get back into the series?
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User Info: zero42g

2 months ago#2
I played everything up to Syndicate, enjoyed them but didn't really love them. Came back a few months ago to Origins and Odyssey. Origins is a great game. Almost perfect. Everything that was changed was for the better. I'd say Origins is a great place to start. Odyssey should definitely be played after it.

User Info: dreamsteel

2 months ago#3
Origins is basically a soft reboot of the series. Syndicate is a great game and the pinnacle of refinement for the old style AC games but Origins totally reworks the game structure and mechanics. It's a fantastic game on it's own, even if it were not related to the AC series, definitely worth playing.
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