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User Info: VincentGrite

3 months ago#1
I've been kicking everyone's asses left and right up to now. I have all upgrades. Fully leveled up. And Tut is kicking my ass over and over. Geez.

User Info: VincentGrite

3 months ago#2
I lock on, charge my heavy attack, and keep dodging until I get a clean shot. I repeat that over and over. When he does hit me I then dodge and keep away until my health refills before I try to attack again.

This strategy has worked on the 3 bosses before Tut (and everyone else in all of Egypt), but when Tut gets down to about 20% health he becomes enraged and I can't dodge him and his attacks are non-stop. Once he starts hitting me I can't get away and I end up dead, again.

Anyone have some solid advice for this fight?

User Info: kingbob808

3 months ago#3
Get your archery on
Spoilers above

User Info: LordSimmons

2 months ago#4
I didn't find him harder than the rest.

I think they all suck in pure melee fighting. Just equip a warrior bow and a light bow, shot him until your overpower is ready (blue bar, not yellow bar) and use the Overpower (best with an large axe). Repeat until he is dead. You can mix in some normal melee fighting like I did if that is too boring for you.

User Info: Euler1737

2 months ago#5
kingbob808 posted...
Get your archery on

This. I didn’t figure this out until Tut, but once I simply started backpedaling and shooting arrows at him, the fight was a walk in the park. Tip: make sure you have the ability unlocked that regenerate arrows :)
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