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  3. Way better than Odyssey!

User Info: Limpkard-Upkins

3 months ago#11
Both are ok, but this here is better. Better main character and setting, but Odyssey has a better story.
I finished Odyssey, but I'm struggling with Origins... I'm currently 64% through the story, and I have no idea what story there is to speak of, I keep hoping it gets good at some point... I thought Odyssey was a strong story from beginning to end.

I'm also disliking the areas of Origins. Everything is so monotone, and the icons on the map are hard to see in comparison to Odyssey.

I also preferred the combat in Odyssey, Though I wish it had similar Bow mechanics as Origins. The Archery is probably the best thing about Origins.
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User Info: Kennyx

1 month ago#13
I think I want to play Origins. I played Odyssey first and I'm at level 99, but I like Origins as well, and it should be much more easier than Odyssey. I watched Origins at a friend's house.
I think that if you play Odyssey first, then when you play Origins you feel all things are much easier, and maybe I'll get the Season Pass as well (that I won't get for Odyssey).

User Info: fantomas418

1 week ago#14
i prefer odyssey but origins is still amazing
hope to play another one next year

User Info: nems1015

1 week ago#15
I played Odyssey first.

Just finished the family story last weekend.

I will go back to it as soon as I finish Origins.

Both are great games but for me, Odessey is the better game in almost every way.

Admittedly I'm not a fan of the AC series but took a chance on Odessey.

Just fell in love with it.

I'm enjoying Origins right now but I can't wait to get back to Odyssey.
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User Info: Nitsution

1 week ago#16
I couldn't buy odyssey, i put to much time in this game and is my favorite ac
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