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User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#1
Season pass not working. Says it has been used or not available. Contact Ubisoft or do I need to wait for store update?

User Info: zelos736

1 year ago#2
Well aside from the cosmetic stuff included in the season pass, you do realize that most of the content included is not released yet, right? So there isn't much for you to access.

User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#3
Just the deluxe pack. If it doesn't work tho I can't access any of it when the expansions come out. If I wait months they may say why didn't you ask sooner. Either the pass unlocks, it doesn't yet, or I need to contact Ubisoft.

I figured some one would be able to say if their pass worked, or if it doesn't work yet. I don't have internet where I am at. Was at some ones house using theirs quickly, and won't be able to check until I take my ps4 to some one else's. On my phone I get the same message.

I remember I think stick of truth? Maybe some other game, can't fully recall. It had day one dlc, but you couldn't actually get it until wednessday, when the store updated. This game for some reason released on a Friday, therefore I may need to wait until the following wednessday, however I won't be able to access internet for another week.

The deluxe pack is out, it's a mission plus cosmetics, care mostly about the mission.

User Info: djayk85

1 year ago#4
If you've activated your season pass code on your PSN account then it will be available (provided you have an internet connection) once released next year
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User Info: WhillB

1 year ago#5
From what I understand, that bonus mission is just in the game now.

I don't think you get any notification, it's just there for those that had a code.

I entered mine, but don't have any idea what the mission is even called. Lol
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User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#6
Lol. Yea, when I put in my code it says the code has been used or is unavailable. Sounds like yours worked, I'll contact ubisoft, thanks.

I have noticed that in games tho, when you get a bunch of DLC missions, or even just one, you talk to some one and they have no clue what you are talking about. It can be hard to distinguish DLC missions, from regular missions when you start with both.
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