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User Info: FemtomShiling

2 months ago#31
Denizen_Of_Dark posted...
I cant believe some moron @ me to respond to that dumb ass post. Prolly saw it, didn't bother to look at coolers skin, then rushed to @ me due to his boner for me.

Meanwhile i saw this post days ago n didnt respond cuz coolers spring skin is f***in pink n looks nothin like janemba lol

Plz man, go get a crush on somebody else n dont bother me wit dumb s***

Then why even post this ? you could just have let it be but you're enough of a clown to feel like you need to respond . lmao

Yet you're still one of those so eager to believe the leak without further proof . i wouldnt trust such naive dumbass like you if that would ever matter .

The fact that you didnt bothered responding but yet do it now shows how much you may have a high opinion of yourself - but you're more just like the below-average ass and no one cares about who you are . its ok we're just on a game site . smh
Browsing Gamefaqs =/= Actually Playing

User Info: Feldt

2 months ago#32
Snorlax_exlax posted...
Robin_Mask posted...
Feldt posted...

i mean they said that it was already on the game, that they had no leak, and that they mean exactly what they told, just look at Cooler Spring skin, is basically Janemba colors

I've seen bad opinions but come on lol.

I think it's pretty Janemba-ish

I mean I dunno what the green is doing there, but the other colors are definitely Janemba's palette, albeit a tad faded

Yeah, that's what i tough its faded, but very similar to Janemba's color palette, minus of course the green stuff.

i like it its a very cool color :)
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