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  3. They should add Dragonball Evolution Goku next

User Info: WellKnownNomad

2 months ago#1
Every Goku needs to be in this anyways
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User Info: BluuberryPie

2 months ago#2
That goku never existed
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User Info: ss21vegito

2 months ago#3
Only if he gets Oozaru install

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

2 months ago#4
I'd honestly pay double
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User Info: ntrvictim

2 months ago#5
That wasn't very cash money of you.
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User Info: hanautaBOB

2 months ago#6
Only if he comes with his Nemisis, to make double the trouble...

User Info: Black-Isz

2 months ago#7
BluuberryPie posted...
That goku never existed

User Info: mistermikeymike

2 months ago#8
will he have the head slide?
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User Info: MasterPeteDiddy

2 months ago#9
Seeing how well this game manages to capture the look of the anime... I'd expect him to look like an actual real-life human being here.
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User Info: Lord_plague

2 months ago#10
His universe got destroyed early by Beerus =)
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  3. They should add Dragonball Evolution Goku next
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