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  3. Where the f*** is GT Goku?

User Info: JaiOfManyNames

4 weeks ago#11
Lorulian posted...
Speedshocker posted...
He's releasing sometime in May


It's really taking a while for just one character release...

They are milking the f*** out of season 2. Of course if they add 8 characters every season the balance would be either crap or too generic with the usual stand outs

User Info: Avalon64

4 weeks ago#12
exactly wouldn't be surprised if GT Goku is all ready to go, but they're following their schedule like it or not
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User Info: DartDragoon

4 weeks ago#13
Lorulian posted...
He will release the same day Joker is released for Smash

So... yesterday ?
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User Info: hanautaBOB

4 weeks ago#14
DartDragoon posted...
So... yesterday ?

Not for EU... EU got Joker and the other stuff today (my Switch is still downloading the update).

I was a little annoyed to see 0.75 $ doesn't equal 0.75 €.

Gotta pay 0.05 € more for the Mii Costumes... I used some leftover Gold Points to get the one I like (Persona 3, the only one I played so...) but still.

It amounts to a lot if they keep releasing Mii Outfits at this rate... I mean, comparatively speaking.

That said, didn't check the current exchange Value so IDK if it's a even a Problem...
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  3. Where the f*** is GT Goku?
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