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  3. Any season 2 Cell players have some advice for a new cell player?

User Info: NamSane

1 month ago#1
I learned his corner loop combo but I don’t know if it’s optimized with all the changes that season 2 brought. Other than that I don’t know anything else special for him. Right now for fun I’m running cell, ssj Goku and yamcha, but I have no idea if that’s a decent team for cell or not. Any tips on tech, teams or other are welcome.
Vegeta killed that trucker

User Info: JaiOfManyNames

1 month ago#2
thats a gdlk annoying ass team.....

Annoying Point Character -CHECK
ToD combos available without spark - CHECK

yea you can do a lot of BS with the SS Goku Yamcha shell, Cell is good on point just like Bardock, and Piccolo with that specific team. You have a lot of options for a point when you are using those 2. You can use just about anyone in the game and just make sure you know some block strings, fuzzy setups, BnBs, and how to DODGGGEEEE.... I mean use your defenses properly. You can run BluKu or Blugeta with that team or even Broly or 16 or even Goku Black would do well with those 2.

I mean I could put Krillin on point with those 2 and I would probably make it to SSRose a lot easier. I am almost SSB using my crap tier team of
Krillin- point
Videl- mid
Baseku- Anchor.

a good shell can take you far as long as you can play your point character well

User Info: dudapf

1 month ago#3
Best player to watch, imo, would be fenritti, that guy is a beast and is loyal to Cell. The way I go about understanding the possibilities of a char is finding good pros who use that char and watch their games. You won't be able to copy it all but it's great for finding possibilities you never thought of.
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  3. Any season 2 Cell players have some advice for a new cell player?
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