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User Info: Feldt

1 month ago#11
1st - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (no change)
2nd - Street Fighter V
3rd - Tekken 7
4th - Under Night In Birth
5th - Samurai Shodown
6th - Mortal Kombat 11
7th - Dragonball FighterZ
8th - Soul Calibur 6
9th - Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

- MK 11 and SS are new games, so people want to try to win on those and more entries are expected, since its totally new so they don't have to face GO1 for example.

- UNIB is a good game, also a air dasher, people really began to talk good things about the game, but overall... i don't expect much from it next year (and yeah i own the game and play it) our competitive scene is small, and FGC don't care too much, this is just "New evo game phenomenon" unfortunately on my opinion, if you connect online now on UNIB you will see how little players it has compared to this game.

- Tekken,SF and the new Smash of course will have a lot of entries

overall i don't think that FighterZ position its that bad, seeing this game pro tournaments probably discourage people to try and register, the game is already one year old, and i don't doubt that Fighterz will be one of the most watched games
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