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  3. Would you be happy if Goku's secret level 3 was like this?

User Info: MegaZardY

2 months ago#1
Okay so his first level 3 would be super spirit bomb
Then his second would be an SS4 install
When in SS4 form, both your lvl 3 supers just do dragonfist
After the form ends, your level 3s are replaced with the Super Kamehameha Goku did in Path to Power after Android 8 died
Do you support this?
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User Info: Robin_Mask

2 months ago#2
Honestly, that is a lot of work for just one character. All those changes aren't really good since the situation changes every time.
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

2 months ago#3
I think he goes ssj4 to do a dragon fist. No install. Cinematic lvl 3.
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User Info: Pokesamus217

2 months ago#4
I mean I wouldn’t mind the stuff up to the Dragon Fist, but the rest seems like overkill.
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User Info: k7life

2 months ago#5
It would be cool if gt goku was like Zeku from sfv. His level 3 super turns him into ssj4 for the rest of the match but that would cause issues.
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User Info: NamSane

2 months ago#6
All I know is, if super saiyan 4 does make an appearance, it won’t be as an install.
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  3. Would you be happy if Goku's secret level 3 was like this?
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