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  3. Honestly I'm convinced half this fan base doesn't even like dragon ball

User Info: Feldt

4 weeks ago#31
there's 3 females on the game and one of them is a monster i don't understand the reason for all this drama
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User Info: NamSane

4 weeks ago#32
I want characters with varying looks and play styles. As long as they’re actually dragon ball characters, that’s all that matters. Do I think videl is a better dragon ball character than base Goku? Of course not. But I’m much more satisfied with her in the game than base Goku. Chi Chi wouldn’t have a full move set, and anyone who says Bulma, is in fact, thirsty. To say that Videl and Kefla shouldn’t be in is a bit over the top. Maybe they aren’t the best characters of all time, but it makes for a more varied roster.

This forum can’t make up its mind. Either it hates the characters that aren’t a Saiyan, or its pissed that another clone Saiyan is being added. Outside the possibility of Janemba, basically every possible DLC character is being hated on.
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User Info: bigjclassic

4 weeks ago#33
There are limited females characters in DBZF and Kefla (and Ribrianne) would really help round out the roster. But let's complain right TC?

User Info: felica

4 weeks ago#34
mistermikeymike posted...
Kefla? f***ing videl? Chichi? Bulma?

This is a game about dragon ball, not thirst fighter z. If you like dragon ball at all you wouldn't be thirsting for irrelevant side characters who have almost 0 fighting ability aside from kefla. It's a franchise and game about the most notable fighters in the entire series and none of those fighters are anywhere near notable... Even kefla was reduced to pui pui status by ui goku. If whis wasn't talking about how amazing she is and s*** we'd just watch 15 minutes of ui goku making her look like yamcha vs kami (as hero) before one hit ko'ing her with a kamehameha

I'm convinced people who want these characters don't actually like the show. These characters aren't notable fighters and their only qualification is that they have a vagina. They have a combined 1 real fight and they're all there for slice of life and filler. None of them can fight except kefla and even she just got embarrassed like dodoria.

This is a fighting game. About characters who can fight or at some point were good fighters. And i mean actually good fighters not videl where the best part of her at fighting is gohan. This game isn't a thirst fest for people who get no interaction with women irl. This isn't skull girls or [insert waifu game here]

Shut up.
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User Info: RedGunvolt

4 weeks ago#35
I agree with all those except Kefla. Female Saiyan is kind of a rarity and should be severely reinforced even tho i prefer Caulifla.
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User Info: KanonSeaDragon

4 weeks ago#36
Pokesamus217 posted...
AKA: If you don’t like the stuff I like, you’re not a true fan.

User Info: KanonSeaDragon

4 weeks ago#37
how is Kefla not a fighter?

This looks like low quality bait

User Info: Jaitsu

4 weeks ago#38
Oh look, I check out the fighterZ board for the first time in a while and its toxic as s***. What a surprise. /s

User Info: Pokesamus217

4 weeks ago#39
SonGaton posted...
They hated him because he told them the truth.

They hate him because he spouts out bulls***.
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User Info: godofwar596

4 weeks ago#40
But Kefla actually deserves to be in here because not only was she extremely powerful (stronger than first time UI Omen Goku confirmed multiple times in the show) but she also showed off really awesome moves.
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