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  3. So apparently Janemba is in too.

User Info: Ammo25

4 weeks ago#1
Fast forward to 4:25. Obviously not confirmed, but still pretty interesting.

User Info: FemtomShiling

4 weeks ago#2
Hope this is true . Janemba would be one of the most badass characters .
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User Info: TekTheNinja

4 weeks ago#3
Jenemba would be cool, though he's always been a "I'd like him but he isn't one of my most wanted ones" type of character. Still a bit peeved seemingly not a single character I had hoped for made it. Honestly FighterZ pass 2 has been massively disappointing. If the final character is Roshi or something that might save it for me, but I highly doubt he's possible at this point sadly.
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User Info: Blue_Inigo

4 weeks ago#4
I can never figure out if Janemba is really cool or really dumb
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User Info: GujinKami

4 weeks ago#5
The board would s*** on him anyway because no 2L lol

And no Super Buu or SSJ4 Goku/Gogeta sucks but it's w/e because Videl and Jiren, 2 characters I don't give a s*** about, are really fun to use.

User Info: Furryyiffer

4 weeks ago#6
Cool if true. Super Janemba has been a character I wanted for a while
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User Info: Snorlax_exlax

4 weeks ago#7
I like Janemba, though I’m more excited that SS4 is still a possibility
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User Info: mistermikeymike

4 weeks ago#8
Why do people listen to that fat virgin?
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User Info: AiRxJones

4 weeks ago#9
I lowkey want Pan and or GT Trunks now. Maybe for season 3/DBFZ 2 I guess.
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

4 weeks ago#10
Oh, Super Janemba. ho has like no attacks except swinging a sword.
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  3. So apparently Janemba is in too.