1 week ago #9
    Ah yes.

    Claims that come out later must be untrue. Especially when our modern society makes it a point to actively punish victims by championing harassers.

    Darn these people slandering him! Years of being a known douche, speak nothing of his true personality at all!

    These so called 'victims' stand to gain everything from placing false allegations on a super celebrity to the point where they will be able to ride the fame and glamour of numerous book signings, large cash draws, and the like! Truly!

    You can like someone, and want to defend them if you know 'em personally. Can't knock someone from wanting to defend a loved one, because that's a simple human measure that heinous acts can't necessarily sway.

    But you can certainly criticize someone you may consider a hero, who has done something detestable. There's always this inane drive people take up to protect their own investments in a person, when allegations clash with their own perspectives.
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