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  3. Given Broly's new status if you could canonize Cooler, how would you do it?

User Info: BlueEye0

1 week ago#61
I'm thinking Cooler has been away for a long time conquering galaxies and comes back to the Cold family space to find his father dead and Frieza has lost a significant portion of the Empire when he died, thinking Frieza must be weak to have let this happen challenges his brother to a fight and gets destroyed but Frieza lets him live "for sentimental sakes" and Cooler retreats in shame but he also loses everything as Frieza claims it. Cut to some time later where Cooler has trained like Frieza did and attained Platinum Cooler. Goes back and fights Frieza for the right to the Empire. Ideally I'd like this hypothetical movie to just be focused on the brothers and have Goku and Vegeta play a minimal role but that would never happen. Either Cooler would return just as Frieza was about to attack Earth again and their fight is causing major damage to the Earth so Goku and Vegeta step in or else a similar story but somwhere else like Namek or Broly's planet.
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User Info: AiRxJones

1 week ago#62
They shouldve done it at the end of this movie. Frieza being mad and finally going home and getting his brother, that way they could also tell us what tf frieza is.
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User Info: Avalon64

1 week ago#63
^ should've, woulda, hind sight yeah it might have seemed like a good idea and yeah I agree it might have been but looking at it from their side, I guess they were testing the grounds of bringing Broly into canon to want to suddenly tease another character

and again we don't know if they ever have plans to do that for Cooler or that they even will but hypothetically speaking they could still pick up where Broly left off and have Cooler visit Frieza as he was invading that planet or something
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  3. Given Broly's new status if you could canonize Cooler, how would you do it?