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  3. I want to be aHit player but idk how.

User Info: Andros-2k10

3 months ago#1
Please teach me the dude feels so weird. To me it feels like all you need to do is just spam auto combo with him i just dont understand the guy but yet i see people making him work. Help? I'd really like to play him point lol. Any Hit player up in here? lol. Help a brother out
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User Info: mistermikeymike

3 months ago#2
Learn to get sliding knock downs

Learn to convert after a 236L as it's a frame trap so you will get a fair number of hits off it and you need to learn to call an assist to convert

In the air, j.s is auto win verse super dash

On the ground, fish for hits with 5m but realize that your air combo /sliding knock down has bad damage and the 236M LLL route gives no knockdown. I recommend using an assist after 5m-236LL them site comboing after. Fox would call bardock or 16 assist, use 5m again, then jc. Ml2h > finish combo. Actually just learn to use an assist after 236LL almost every time

You can 216s but the reason its not a great skill is because it's not necessarily better than backdash except in block strings where you cancel into it... But if you have pressure, why give it up?

5s beats the frame trap after vanish. You will lose to DR or delay but between 5s and 5m you'll probably cover all your opponent options which is nice

For the M stances, it's kind of a tell. You'd usually use it in like poking situations or if you got a moment breather like after a vanish combo

236m 2s 2s 2s will punish habitual low blockers better

236 mm >Vanish destroys your damage. If anything call an assist after 236mm. It's also kind of a cheese move

236m h is fully invincibile so don't get caught with your pants down

236s is a bit bad. Would only use it if you got a setup for it

Your block strings are pretty terrible. 2L hits high but gives 0 conversion. Your string is like 5m 5h before it stops being real. 236LL frame traps and is how you would continue the string after 5ll 5m 5h. Meaning you need to master stagger pressure, frame traps and other tech. Also mix in your grab, 2m and dr from time to time... Your strings are awful so you'll have to go the extra mile. Don't expect to have a ton of options against reversals though - your pressure is full of delays and is very reactable. 236mm and 236s at the end of strings can be attempted if covered by an assist but again the payoff is beyond awful damage wise and is also quite cheese so you will find that you don't use it often. 214s is good if you want to safely end pressure and you can press 5m again right after for a quick follow up to button pressers

Really though, hits stances are gimmicky, block strings are full of gaps and a bunch of other s***. I would use his stances a lot more sparingly than you think. 236ll is great as a combo tool and a frame trap. 236m 2l2l2l is also decent poke but use it sparingly. 236mm is cheesy af.
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User Info: hoboyupo

3 months ago#3

This guy makes some godlike guides. Its been a few patches since this but i don't think Hit himself has changed that much.
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